The Swift Project
Aylsham Swift Group asked for our help in making nesting boxes.  The task was urgent because the bells in the church tower had been temporarily removed.  Two of our members, Carey and Ken, worked hard to produce the boxes in Carey’s workshop at her home.  Space limited inviting anyone else, regrettably. The boxes were mounted in the Church bell tower by the Swift Group, Carey, Ken and the Tower Captain.

The photographs show the nest boxes before and after being put into place. There are nine blocks of three nest boxes.  Each one has an entrance hole to the front of the tower through the louvred windows, and a hatch accessible from inside the tower for cleaning out when they are unoccupied.  Wood was donated to the Aylsham Swift Group. We are pleased to have worked with the Aylsham Swift Group and hope that the boxes will welcome many new occupants this time next year!

One box of three, ready for fixing in place.

Boxes fixed in place, each with an opening for cleaning.

Boxes in place, final adjustments.

The boxes were made to the specification supplied by “The Norwich Swift Network”, who are affiliated to the National Group.

Pat Grocock of the Aylsham Swift Group and Reverend Julie Boyd were recently ineterviewed about the collaboration, broadcast on Chris Goreham’s programme on Radio Norfolk at 7.15am on Thursday 15th June with well-known Norfolk naturalist Nick Acheson at 10.10 discussing swift conservation in general.

This can be listened to on ‘catch up’ on BBC Sounds.

BBC Radio Norfolk

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