Kyle Callaway has supervised the building of a 45 metre concrete path down to the Community Shed which makes it more accessible.  Breedon Group donated concrete and Tarmac helped with a large amount of ‘Type 1’ material…

Breedon GroupBreedon Group donated 7 cubic metres of concrete to use on the new path. Tarmac helped with masses of Type 1 to form the base:

Clive Johnson from Tarmac said:

‘ We were recently approached by Kyle Callaway from a group called Mens Shed asking if we could assist with some Type 1 for a project at Aylsham High School to create a footpath for wheelchair access, as part of our Community Engagement we were keen to assist and know more about Mens Shed.

Mens Shed gets involved in community projects such as restoring village features, helping maintain parks and green spaces, along with building things for schools, libraries and individuals in need.

Kyle said Sheds are about meeting like-minded people and having someone to share your worries with.’

Tarmac’s Managing Director for the South East said, ‘Great to see Clive Johnson, well done to the Norfolk team for supporting such a good cause’.

Kyle will also be leading on erecting the Store Shed when it arrives, and checking in the donated equipment.  If you are familiar with power tools and hand tools and can help us sift through them do get in touch!

We have been given some useful wood, woodworking tools and items of machinery.  Our aim is to put them in the new Store Shed which has been funded for us by Aylsham Care Trust and Broadland District Council.  We will need help in making a base for it when it arrives, and erecting it next to the large existing Shed on the School site.  Contact us if you can help on this or anything else!

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