In mid-November 2023, Aylsham High School Premises Manager, Teresa Andrew, contacted the then shed secretary, Peter Lavender, asking if the community shed would be interested in refurbishing some of the wooden picnic tables. Some of the tables were in need of repair (missing or loose slats) and some weather protection.

The shed eagerly took on the task and work started in earnest in early December when 2 of the benches had dried out a little (having been brought in from the weather!).

We started by sanding the tables down and repairing or replacing some slats.The s chool provided materials and so the next stage was to wipe down the surfaces and apply wood protection….and….apply more wood protection! We were a bit surprised by just how much the wood soaked up the protection!

So, with four tables complete, we thought we’d test them out before they go back to daily use!

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