News from the Shed

  • Paul Baker’s epic cycle through France and England raised over £750 for us PLUS an additional £500 kindly donated by the Round Table!!!    He cycled down through many countries to join a stage of the Tour de France. You may have seen the frontpage article in Just Aylsham 
  • The new tool store has been erected successfully. There were a few cuts and bruises in the process, but the result is solid and square.  The shed will prove very useful for storing our tools. We had a good time in spite of the weather and enjoyed figuring out the frustrating instructions.  Thank you all:  Paul Horner, Ken Seaman, Ken Lennox, Paul Baker, Alan Kerrison, Derek Burton, Peter Lavender, Ian Stephenson, and Peter Fry.
  • We are now thinking about new projects. We have a lot of wooden pallets and aim to use them for making items: suggestions include garden furniture and compost bins.
  • The Swift Project is now complete with many swift boxes in the tower of Aylsham Church and we are happy that Carey and Ken helped make this happen. We look forward to seeing more swifts in the years to come.
  • Signs and messages: Ian Stephenson has been completing A-frame notice boards to guide you to the Shed on a Saturday. We have four to make so come and help on Saturday!  The Aylsham Community Trust (TACT) suggested a permanent welcome board to show who has sponsored the Shed.  Has anyone got any talent in making either of these?  We need someone to manage the project and one or two who can assist.  Please let us know:

If you have any good project ideas do let us know.


And finally,

Looking after the Shed

If there’s anyone out there who would like to help in the day to day running of the Community Shed, don’t be shy.  We need all the energy and talent in our membership to make the Shed a success. We’re all volunteers!

For any of these things, please contact us

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